Our Team

Jessica Rosales Godoy -Administrative Professional

Jessica was born in the town of Puntarenas and holds a bachelor’s degree in Business and Finance by the National University of Costa Rica. She has been working for Asepaleco since February 2016 and has fallen in love with the association’s mission and the beauty of the Karen Mogensen reserve.


Arnulfo – Guide

Arnuflo is a world renowned nature guide and caretaker for the Karen Mogensen Reserve and Cerro Escondido Ecolodge. He was born in San Ranom de Rio Blanco, 3 kilometers from the entrance to the reserve. He has worked for ASEPALECO for 16 years alongside his wife Mery. His love for nature and the reserve as well as the enjoyment he gets from sharing this special place with tourists is his life. He manages the trails, takes tourists on guided hikes, helps Mery in the kitchen, and he genuinely loves his work because of the incredible people who come to see mother nature. He is grateful for this opportunity to spend most of his time in the reserve. Mery and Arnulfo have 5 kids together, and together take great care of all the wonderful tourists. 


Mery – Chef and Caretaker

Mery was born in Dominicas, a small town of Jicaral. She currently lives in San Ramon de Rio Blanco a small town 3 kilometers from the entrance to the Karen Mogensen Reserve. She started working for ASEPALECO 16 years ago alongside her husband Arnulfo. They have been happily married for 30 years and make the perfect couple to manage the Cerro Escondido Ecolodge. Mery is in charge of all the delicious meals, and the daily cleaning of the cabins, kitchen, bathrooms etc. The work that she does in the lodge is her life. She is very grateful for the opportunity to be in the reserve and feels very happy when the tourists come to visit. She would like to take the time to thank all of the tourists for their love of nature in visiting this special place, and has hope that the food is something very special to the guests as she prepares every meal with tons of love. She hopes to work in the reserve as long as her health permits, and does her work for the love of nature and the people who visit the reserve. 


Board of Directors

Patricia Slump – President

Patricia Slump is a resident of Costa Rica and has been living in the village of Montezuma for over 40 years. She was born in the Netherlands, is a nutritionist and cooking teacher by training and has created and managed, together with her spouse, Ylang Ylang Beach Resort and El Sano Banano Village Hotel and Cafe, both located in the small beach town of Montezuma.

For many years, Patricia has been active with fundraising for ASEPALECO and its projects. At Ylang Ylang Beach Resort, she and her spouse initiated a donation program where each guest accommodation would voluntarily pledge $1 per day and be collected and later transferred directly to ASEPALECO and the Karen Mogensen Reserve for the purpose of purchasing more land for conservation. With the help of this program 30 hectares of forest were added to the reserve in 2015.

Patricia’s vision and passion is to protect the forests and fauna of Costa Rica and offers her conservation efforts as a service to humanity.

Elizabeth Mora Arguedas - Vice President

Elizabeth María Mora Arguedas, Lawyer and Public Notary with a Postgraduate Degree in Agrarian and Environmental Law, studied and graduated from the University of Costa Rica, with an independent Law and Notary office in the Paquera district of Puntarenas and in Curridabat de San José by name Verdeley Corporation Consultants. In 1986 and for nine years, she served as Head of Legal Services of the Water Department of the former National Electricity Service, now the Public Services Regulatory Authority (ARESEP), former professor at the University of Costa Rica at the School of Agronomy in the career of Agricultural Economics in the course of Agrarian Legislation. She has 33 years of professional experience and 23 years of working in the Paquera district. For 15 years she has been managing a group of companies dedicated to the conservation of wildlife that own the Matambu Private Forest Refuge. She currently combines ordinary tasks with positions in local organizations, she is Vice President of the Board of Directors of Asociación Ecológica Paquera Lepanto y Cóbano ASEPALECO, President of the Peninsular Biological Corridor Association and substitute prosecutor of the Peninsular Territorial Council.


Rodrigo Zamora Murillo -

Alejandra Villegas Arroyo – Secretary

Victor Barboza Jimenez


Norma Sheila Boyd Farried- Vocal Tres

Norma Sheila Boyd Farrier, Retired Sales Executive. Vice President of the Paquera Integral Development Association. President of the Pro Salud Association of the Ebais de Paquera, founding member of the Costa Rican Network of Women Municipality, member of the board of directors of ASEPALECO. Trained in attention to Domestic Violence, in Human Rights.


Luis Carlos Barquero Rodriguez - Vocal Cuatro

Luis studied Sociology and Pedagogy. He currently works in the PANI office in Paquera.  He has extensive experience working in environmental and community development projects, as well as those focused on the rights of children and adolescents.  He enjoys photography, environmental protection, watching movies, and homemade food.

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Alexander Bolaños Brenes - Vocal Cinco

Alexander Bolaños is a student of forest management and wildlife at UNT.  He loves nature and enjoys walking in the mountains.  His passions include music and guitar his favorite pastimes are fishing and eating.


Benito Villegas Lopez– Fiscal

Benito holds a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture Management from the Costa Rica Institute of Technology. He was among Asepaleco’s founding members while working as a manager for the Cantonal Agricultural Center of Puntarenas. Benito has also been the Mayor of Lepanto, a professor of agricultural studies and has served on the Board of Directors in the past. He is currently the director at the Rural High School on the Island of Venado.

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