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Our Team

Board of Directors

Patricia Slump – President

Patricia is a resident of Costa Rica and has been living in the village of Montezuma for over 40 years. She was born in the Netherlands, is a nutritionist and cooking teacher by training and has created and managed, together with her spouse, Ylang Ylang Beach Resort and El Sano Banano Village Hotel and Cafe, both located in the small beach town of Montezuma.

For many years, Patricia has been active with fundraising for ASEPALECO and its projects. At Ylang Ylang Beach Resort, she and her spouse initiated a donation program where each guest accommodation would voluntarily pledge $1 per day and be collected and later transferred directly to ASEPALECO and the Karen Mogensen Reserve for the purpose of purchasing more land for conservation. With the help of this program 30 hectares of forest were added to the reserve in 2015. Patricia’s vision and passion is to protect the forests and fauna of Costa Rica and offers her conservation efforts as a service to humanity.

Luis Ángel Mena Aguilar – Vice President

Olga Murillo Blanco – Secretary

Benito Villegas López - Treasurer

Benito holds a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture Management from the Costa Rica Institute of Technology. He was among Asepaleco’s founding members while working as a manager for the Cantonal Agricultural Center of Puntarenas. Benito has also been the Mayor of Lepanto, a professor of agricultural studies and has served on the Board of Directors in the past. He is currently the director at the Rural High School on the Island of Venado.

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Miguel Escalante - Vocal One

Ana Patricia Fernández Cruz - Vocal Two

Dario Sonetti - Vocal Three

Rebeca Quesada Guell - Vocal Four

Ronald Montero González - Vocal Five

Víctor Barboza Jiménez

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