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Cerro Escondido Ecolodge

IMPORTANT!  The Karen Mogensen Reserve and Cerro Escondido Ecolodge are privately owned by ASEPALECO and run by minimal staff and volunteers.   Visitors MUST contact ASEPALECO in advance to schedule their visit, so we can arrange for your day hike, guide and/or lodging.  You can contact the reserve by calling 506-2650-0607 or emailing  All guests must be accompanied by one of our experienced guides.  Please note that to reach the ecolodge and the heart of the reserve it is about a 1 hour hike, mostly uphill.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.

A place to fall in love with...



Nestled in the heart of the Karen Mogensen reserve, lies the beautiful “Cerro Escondido Lodge”, where you will be welcomed like family by our friendly and dedicated Costa Rican hosts. You will stay in rustic mountaintop cabins, each with a private bathroom and a terrace with beautiful views of the forest. The cabins are powered entirely by solar panels. We recommend staying a minimum of 2 nights in order to soak up a sampling of what the nature reserve has to offer. Each morning you will awaken to the symphony of tropical birds and howler monkeys calling you to an early morning hike. Upon your return a morning breakfast feast will await you.

Please note that lodging prices include 3 meals per day and lodging.  Each group will also need to pay $39.00 USD per day for a guide.

Meals are served at Gavilan Blanco dining area, a beautiful outdoor ranch surrounded by trees, plants, and animals. Typical Costa Rican dishes and vegetarian options are available in the reserve. All fruits and vegetables are fresh, locally grown, and served at the lodge. While rice and beans are a Central American staple, the cooks offer so much more than that. Born and raised close to the reserve, Mery is an expert in the local cuisine and her husband Arnulfo is a renowned nature guide.

So much to do there!


 Needless to say, there’s a lot to do at ASEPALECO’s nature reserve. You can learn, investigate, rest and enjoy the forest all year round. Our hospitality reflects the good naturalness and ease of the Ticos, who are honored to share the splendor of the best infrastructure there is--Mother Nature!  HIKING:  With guided tours guests can hike through the protected tropical forest to the famous Velo de la Novia Cascada (Bride's Veil Waterfall), Tres Rios (Three Rivers), the lookout tower and much more. In fact, the nature reserve provides 22 km of well-maintained hiking trails. On these tours, visitors get the unique chance to view tropical birds, howler and white faced monkeys, green tree frogs, white bat species and more. All guided tours at Cerro Escondido help support and maintain the ecolodge and the surrounding wildlife.